7 Tips To Having An Organized Workshop - Shop Organization Blog

When it comes to the workshop, having a clean and organized shop can help save time. Here are 7 organization tips to help you stay organized in your shop.

1. Pegboard 

Utilize your wall space by mounting a pegboard in your workshop. A pegboard would help with storage and easy access to your powertools, hammers, and most work supplies. The Family Handyman shows the different types of pegboards you can choose from! The standard size of 3/16” hardwood pegboard can hold up to 100lbs!

Hanging your tools is one way to store them but they must also be organized. One way to consider organizing your tools on your pegboard is by their size. Store your power tools at the bottom of the rack and work your way up. This way you can prevent injury and keep the board balanced.  

Image by The Home Depot via How to Organize Tools on a Pegboard

One convenient way to store and quickly access screws would be using pegboard bins. Pegboard bins make cleaning up smaller pieces in the workshop a breeze.

Image by The Home Depot via How to Organize Tools on a Pegboard

2. Storage Boxes 

Storage boxes can be a big help in the workshop when storing small loose items. It prevents from losing any screws, washer, nuts, etc. Make sure to have a dedicated section in your workshop to make it easily accessible when needed. 

3. Labels

Although having storage boxes can be of help, it is common to lose track of what is stored in each box. Scrambling through every draw or tool box can be time consuming and using labels in your workshop can be a big help. 

Image by the Wood Magazine via Organize Your Shop in a weekend

4. Roof Storage 

Make more room in your workshop with roof storage. Roof storage can help with putting away ladders, large pieces of plywood or awkwardly long clamps. It can practically be used for anything but be careful what you put up there. We don't want loose tools falling from the sky causing an injury.

5. Clamp Storage

Storing clamps is always a hassle because of the different shapes and sizes they come in. One way to keep all your clamps neatly organized is by having a dedicated section for clamp storage. Here are 7 Clever Clamp Storage Ideas for a small workshop by Saws on Skates

6. Massca Jig Storage & Mounting Board

One way to keep your Massca Aluminum Pocket-Hole Jig organized in the workshop is by using this mounting board made by Andy Browning from CreativeToolCo. The storage board has magnetic slots to hold the drill bit, hex keys and stop collar that comes with your Massca Aluminum Pocket- Hole Jig System.

7. Lumber Cart

Leftover lumber can end up everywhere in the workshop such as under the worktable, leaning on the wall or being left outside. Having a lumbar cart can help with quick access to your scraps of wood and large pieces of lumber.

Here is a quick and easy video on how to build a lumber rack storage by J.P Brown from Foxhall Woodworks.