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As a small business, we know how much time and dedication goes into a days work. From large projects to small, we know small business owners put their hearts into their shops and into the products they create. 

Which is why we're launching our new page & program called Massca Helping Woodworkers and Massca Makers. We'd like to give back to hardworking small business owners in the Massca community. 

Become a #MasscaMaker sending in your #MasscaTools projects to and get the chance to be featured on our Massca Helping Woodworkers page. More details coming soon.

Meet Our First Maker

Andy Browning - Massca Pocket-Hole Jig Workstation

Andy Browning from @boardathome123 purchased his M2 PRO Aluminum Pocket-Hole Jig System back in May 2021. He is an avid user of his newest joinery tool and loves its all metal construction. He enjoys using his Massca Pocket-Hole Jig in his workshop and for his newest woodworking projects. Andy knew he could make the Massca Pocket-Hole Jig that much better so he took his idea to the workshop. Click the video below to watch Andy's video introduction to his latest project on the Massca PHJ.


Your Massca Pocket Hole Jig is the highest quality Pocket Hole Jig money can buy! Now you can combine, use, and store your Massca Jig, and all its Accessories, with the MASSCA POCKET HOLE JIG MOUNTING SYSTEM! This carefully designed, patent pending mounting system organizes your loose wrenches, drill bit, driver bit, and depth adjustment tool while securing them to the mounting board.


-Magnetic Tool Storage

-Secure Depth Adjustment Tool Storage

-Recessed Finger Clearance Slots for Material Stops/Supports

-20mm Bench Dog Holes compatible with European Cabinet Shop Standards

-Numerous Temporary and Permanent Bench Mounting Options

-Built-in Drill Depth Adjustment Ports

-Pre-drilled Pocket Hole Jig Mounting Holes

-Durable Coating on Back of Mounting System

-Can Be Used as a Wall Mountable Storage Unit

-Developed in Cooperation with Massca Products.

-Patent Pending

-Exclusively Available from Massca Products and Creative Tool Company

Massca Pocket Hole Jig Sold Separately

NOTE: Creative Tool Company, Board at Home 123, and Massca Products have no affiliation with any other tool brand shown in videos or photos. All images are for Tool Use and Demonstration Purposes ONLY.

Where to buy

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