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As a small business, we know how much time and dedication goes into a days work. From large projects to small, we know small business owners put their hearts into their shops and into the products they create. 

Which is why we're launching our new page & program called Massca Helping Woodworkers and Massca Makers. We'd like to give back to hardworking small business owners in the Massca community. 

Become a #MasscaMaker sending in your #MasscaTools projects to and get the chance to be featured on our Massca Helping Woodworkers page. More details coming soon.

Meet The Creator of The Dowel Jig X

Daniel Herrmann - The Dowel Jig X

Daniel Herrmann is the inventor behind Massca's newest tool - The Dowel Jig X.

Daniel's interest in woodworking began at an early age. His late father was a taleneted woodworker who created beautiful furniture pieces from the wood he cut on his own property. Daniel always enjoyed watching him work in the shop.

When Daniel moved cross country, he wanted to create pieces of furniture for his new home. From there he started looking for ways to join wood pieces together without using nails or screws to give it more of a natural feel. After searching for which joint would be best for his projects, he discovered that dowel joints would be a strong and sturdy method for joinery. However, he ran across one issue - with the dowels being parallel to one another, they had to be glued, clamped and then waited on until the glue dried before he could continue working on the rest of his piece. They also we're not as strong as he hoped.

That's when Daniel's idea of the Dowel Jig X came about. By creating an angled type dowel joint that would be stronger and more efficent to work with. It would allo a user to put two dowels in at different angles, preventing the parts from seperating.

After making a prototype of the Dowel Jig X, Daniel used it to build his first project, a small table.

"It worked even better than I expected, and I discovered several different ways to use it." - Daniel Herrmann

Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints
Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints
Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints
Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints
Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints
Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints
Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints

Massca Dowel Jig X For Angled Dowel Joints

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Give Your Project a Professional Finish with the Massca Dowel X

We developed the versatile Massca Dowel Jig X to help you join two pieces of wood together in a new and sturdier way. Join together two piece of wood at an angle to create a superior dowel joint. Our jig gives you more control over every piece of wood, so you can feel proud of your finished efforts and have your project last a lifetime.

What makes this jig unique is that it creates angled joints instead of parallel joints, in comparison to a traditional dowel jig. By creating joints at opposing directions, this provides a work piece with extra strength and stability without having to use screws, nails, or complicated tools to get the job done. This is a quick and easy take on using dowels to make your project stronger than ever. 

Key Product Features:
  • Fastener Free – Our dowel jig lets you join two wood pieces together without using screws or nails for a cleaner finish - all you need is 5/16th dowels.
  • Strong Joint Connections - This unique doweling system allows you to put two dowels in opposing directions into your work piece, creating a strong joint that in many cases can be stronger than other joinery methods due to it's angled connection.

  • No-Wait Gluing The joints created with this system do not require glue. However, if you choose to use glue, clamps do not have to remain in place while the glue is drying. This flexibility allows you to continue working on your project instead of traditionally waiting for the glue to dry.
  • Smooth Classic Finish - Dowels that match or contrast the wood of the project can be used for either invisible or distinctly unique appearance can be used. This finish is especially nice for furniture, frames, or wooden toy projects.

  • Surface Friendly Positioning – There are no complicated mechanisms with this dowel jig kit which means you can easily slide it into position, lock it down with a clamp, and drill from either side to create accurate dowel joints.

Drill bit included

    Meet The Creator of The Revealer

    Jeremy Cooper - The Revealer

    Jeremy Cooper from @Iaamtradeco is the inventor behind Massca's newest tool - The Revealer.

    Jeremy has been in the carpentry field for 22 years. He began his journey with carpentry in highschool woodshop. From an early age, he had a passion for the trade and knew it was where he wanted to spend his time. After highschool, Jeremy went on to complete trade school and become an apprentence to a carpenter for 4 years, specializing in doors and trim.

    During his time working in the trade, Jeremy discovered he enjoyed finding new solutions to making work quicker and more efficient. After working with his brother on a job, he noticed that he couldn't figure out how to keep a consistent reveal. The idea sparked to create a multitool to help his brother keep a consistent trim every time and from there, The Revealer was born.

    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool
    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool
    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool
    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool
    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool
    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool
    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool
    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool

    Massca Revealer Trim Carpentry Tool and Finish Ruler Multitool

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    Measure Distances, Mark Cuts, and Ensure Superior Trim Accuracy with a Multipurpose Massca Revealer Trim Tool

    When you’re cutting trim, molding, and corners it can be hard to get proper measurements and Reveals with a traditional ruler or tape measure; especially in tight spaces. We developed the Massca Revealer Trim Tool as a way to help ensure every mark is accurate and every cut is precise. Perfect for trimming windows, doors, cabinets, setting blade depth, and installing hardware, this versatile trim tool gives you the quick leg up you need throughout your entire project.

    Key Product Features:

    • Multi-function Ruler and Finish Carpentry Tool – These trim carpentry tools are specifically designed to support all the measuring and marking requirements for installing window or door trim, marking jambs, setting moldings, and other finish carpentry efforts.
    • Measure and Mark with Accuracy – Our multipurpose tool lets you mark all pieces of work at the same time with accurate measurements and better consistency than any other tool on the market. Making easier, faster, and higher quality cuts, edges, and finishes.
    • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction – The Massca Revealer door trim and window trim tool is made with lightweight, high-quality aluminum that’s stronger and more resilient than plastic, so you can use it on all your personal or professional jobs.
    • Versatile Construction and Woodworking Use – This finish multitool provides support for a wide range of skill-based jobs including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, house contractors, and much more. 
    • Compact, Pocket-Sized Guide – Easy enough to slip into your pocket, keep it in a toolbox, or slide into a tool belt this versatile trim tool goes everywhere you go. This means you can cut down build times and improve efficiency on every job site.

    Meet The Creator of The Massca Workstation

    Andy Browning - Massca Pocket-Hole Jig Workstation

    Andy Browning from @boardathome123 purchased his M2 PRO Aluminum Pocket-Hole Jig System back in May 2021. He is an avid user of his newest joinery tool and loves its all metal construction. He enjoys using his Massca Pocket-Hole Jig in his workshop and for his newest woodworking projects. Andy knew he could make the Massca Pocket-Hole Jig that much better so he took his idea to the workshop. Click the video below to watch Andy's video introduction to his latest project on the Massca PHJ.


    Your Massca Pocket Hole Jig is the highest quality Pocket Hole Jig money can buy! Now you can combine, use, and store your Massca Jig, and all its Accessories, with the MASSCA POCKET HOLE JIG MOUNTING SYSTEM! This carefully designed, patent pending mounting system organizes your loose wrenches, drill bit, driver bit, and depth adjustment tool while securing them to the mounting board.


    -Magnetic Tool Storage

    -Secure Depth Adjustment Tool Storage

    -Recessed Finger Clearance Slots for Material Stops/Supports

    -20mm Bench Dog Holes compatible with European Cabinet Shop Standards

    -Numerous Temporary and Permanent Bench Mounting Options

    -Built-in Drill Depth Adjustment Ports

    -Pre-drilled Pocket Hole Jig Mounting Holes

    -Durable Coating on Back of Mounting System

    -Can Be Used as a Wall Mountable Storage Unit

    -Developed in Cooperation with Massca Products.

    -Patent Pending

    -Exclusively Available from Massca Products and Creative Tool Company

    Massca Pocket Hole Jig Sold Separately

    NOTE: Creative Tool Company, Board at Home 123, and Massca Products have no affiliation with any other tool brand shown in videos or photos. All images are for Tool Use and Demonstration Purposes ONLY.

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